Mio MiVue 733 Wifi GPS review

Mio MiVue 733 Wifi GPS review


Gebruiker reviews Mio MiVue 733 Wifi GPS

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No more worry behind the wheelRoads are dangerous; they are often busy and fast-moving, putting you at risk. And it’s not only accidents that are on the rise, but also cash-for-crash scams.The MiVue™ 733 WIFI has your back whilst you’re on the road, recording every mile of your journey so you don’t have to worry.High quality, Full HD video recordingsCreated to capture every detail, the MiVue 733 WIFI provides Full 1080p HD footage at 30 fps with 130° wide angle viewing and F2.0 aperture. For every second, you will get 30 frames of video, ensuring that all recorded footage is clear and indisputable.Begin recording when you start your drive: the MiVue 733 WIFI dash cam starts recording the moment you start your car, storing your driving information.WIFI connectivity – for fast, cable-free transferTransfer files using your MiVue Pro app on your smartphone quickly and easily. You will always have a backup of your footage, stored securely on your phone.Your safety is at the forefrontWe understand how important it is to feel safe on the roads. That’s why the MiVue 733 WIFI comes with safety features.The MiVue 733 WIFI comes with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, including Lane Departure Warning Systems, Forward Collision Warning System and Fatigue Warning. These features all work together to give you peace of mind during your journey.If the integrated 3-axis G-sensor detects a sudden change of movement, the recording is instantly protected and cannot be overwritten.GPS built-in – to record location and speedA GPS location and your speed are logged on every recording; ensuring that you have the important evidence from your drive. The GPS module is stored inside the device, unlike most of the other dash cams currently on the market.

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