Mio MiVue 751 QHD GPS review

Mio MiVue 751 QHD GPS review


Gebruiker reviews Mio MiVue 751 QHD GPS

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Stay safe on the road with the MiVue™ 751With car accidents and cash-for-crash scams on the rise, protecting yourself as a driver is now more vital than ever. MiVue 751 has been designed to have your back in the event that other drivers don’t.Your dash cam can also help you save money, with a number of insurers now offering discounts if you own dash cam. Set it up, sit it on your dashboard and you’re ready to go. The sleek and small design means your view won’t be disrupted while in use, and when not needed can be easily stored.2.5K High Quality, Wide Angle View VideosCreated to capture every detail, the MiVue 751 provides 2560*1440p QUAD HD footage with 140° wide angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Day or night, the high quality camera captures everything, including registration plates* and tail lights.High image and video quality is vital for showing what happened in the event of an accident. The MiVue 751 ensures that footage captured cannot be disputed.Save your journeys with GPS trackingMiVue 751 has a fully built-in GPS tracking system which automatically records your driving information and location. Important information like a GPS location and speed are logged on every recording. The GPS module is housed entirely inside the unit, unlike most other dash cams currently on the market. For extra peace of mind, the GPS includes speed alerts, to keep you under the limit.Safety features – for fear-free drivingThe MiVue 751 comes with pre-installed safety features to help keep you safe on the road. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including Forward Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System and Fatigue Alert, are integrated to help provide a seamless and safe driving experience.The MiVue 751 also comes with safety camera alerts that update for the lifetime of the device. You can also add new safety camera spots, that may not have been added to the data base as yet. Your MiVue 751 ensures you’re always alert and under the limit.Designed especially for youYour MiVue 751 has been designed so you can adapt it to your needs. It is fully compatible with the MiVue™ A20 rear camera and can be connected to the MiVue™ Smartbox external power source so you can even record while you are parked.

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